Patrick Ledigarcher


Patrick LEDIGARCHER is the President of “VANGUARD CONSTRUCTION INGENIERIE INTERNATIONAL”, an SAS company founded in 1998. He manages a team of highly qualified project managers, economists and engineers trained to the requirements of the firm.



With 40 years of experience, Patrick LEDIGARCHER is known for his highly versatile competencies (his projects vary from stadiums, hotels, museums, colleges, to hospitals, etc.) and his ability to carry out eminent and complex projects - while always holding he respect for the programs and architecture as his permanent goals.
Among other leading achievements, he was responsible for the technical and economic monitoring and the operational management of the “Grand Louvre” and “Stade de France” projects.
Patrick LEDIGARCHER was Professor of Economics at the “Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées” (National School of Civil Engineering) and in the Master’s program of “l’Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics” (Special School for Public Works), in Paris and Casablanca. He also worked for the Architecture department of the City of Paris by participating in the training of its engineers.
In 1998, he received the Silver Medal of the National Architecture Academy.
VANGUARD'S team is composed with one Business Manager, 6 economists, 3 métreurs, and the administrative staff.
VANGUARD is a member-company of “UNTEC”, the National Union of Construction Economists and Coordinators.
VANGUARD is qualified OPQTECC : n° 3465


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